Renewing the Renaissance®

Connects the Work of Challenged Artists and Sculptors with Art Connoisseurs Worldwide

My daughter, Naomi, was diagnosed with autism when she was 5 years old. She’s always loved art and she would keep busy sketching for hours on end until some harsh criticism stopped her from doing what she loves. I was heartbroken to see this love of hers squashed, so I decided to start Renewing the Renaissance® as a way to support, both financially and spiritually, artists on the autistic spectrum. Taking a cue from the patron-artist relationships that abounded in the era of the Renaissance, my aim is to be able to connect our wonderfully talented artists with patrons to allow them not only to be able to sell their work, but to make connections with people that show the artists they are supported and their work is meaningful. My dream with Renewing the Renaissance® is to create an effective model focused on challenged adults’ individual strengths and to provide mentorship, helping them to flourish creatively.

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Location: Los Altos, CA