Girl AGain

A resale boutique for American Girl dolls

Girl AGain is a resale boutique for American Girl dolls, outfits, furniture, accessories and books, located in White Plains, NY. The store is operated by Yes She Can Inc., a non-profit dedicated to helping young women with autism and related social and learning disabilities develop transferable job skills. Our trainees refurbish the dolls and prepare all of the merchandise for sale and help customers make purchases. You can find collector items for sale at our e-store on our website. The boutique merchandise selection changes daily so we welcome phone inquiries and orders and we will ship in the US.

Young women who participate in the training program are between 17 and 26 years old, are high school or colleges students or have completed academic programs; and all are motivated to have a job. They are coached by clinical professionals, focusing on learning business processes, workplace social skills, and emotional regulation.

Yes She Can Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit and we welcome donations to support our program.

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Location: White Plains, NY

Delivery: Yes

Customers can call the store to see what is in stock. Most merchandise is not online.