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Crafters For Life, LLC

Made by Adults with Autism & Other Special Needs

Crafters For Life, LLC was started in the spring of 2015 based on a skills program in the high school class of the owners’ son. The goal is to take the skills learned in high school and translate them into paying jobs while providing a constructive reason to leave the house after aging out of high school. We make a growing number of hand crafted items including coasters, key chains, scarfs and eye pillows. In addition to making the products, the young adults also go into the community to sell them which provides a level of socialization that is normally difficult to find. As demand for our products increases we can tap into the list of individuals looking to get involved as well as expand to a growing number of adult day programs looking to partner with us to provide meaningful programming to their members.

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Location: Ivyland, PA

We wholesale to several retailers in the Philadelphia region and ship anywhere in the continental United States.