Flutie Spectrum Enterprises is creating micro-businesses to employ adults with autism, based on the model successfully pioneered by Extraordinary Ventures in Chapel Hill, NC.

While FSE employs adults across the autism spectrum to offer mailing, shredding, and assembly services through its Office Solutions business, our impact is limited to the Massachusetts area. Always learning about new businesses started by and employing adults on the spectrum that have products available to purchase online, we had the idea to create an online marketplace to bring together all of these unique and innovative businesses. With the rise in popularity of social enterprises in recent years, we know that there is a demand for products that support a social mission.

We are confident that Shop the Spectrum can serve as a great resource for people in the market for a range of high quality products that support employment for adults with autism. Furthermore, we want to show the world that adults on the spectrum are some of the hardest workers out there with unique talents and abilities that companies should make a specific effort to hire.

Come #shopthespectrum so we can continue to #employthespectrum!

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